Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Affairs of the Heart

You have been married for some time now and can’t help but feel that you’re missing out on something. You may feel that the something you are missing is the thrill of the chase. The excitement you got from pursuing a woman and then winning her over. You’ve been married for ten years now and as much as you love your wife you just feel that you may want something a little more. You’re stuck in a rut, both of you. You take home your work stresses and worries, your wife is too tired to pleasure you and you just don’t find that your ‘mojo’ is the same. You want to try something new or perhaps someone new. But where you do find someone? London escorts can help.

Escort London are incredibly discreet. You will never have to worry about anyone finding out if you don’t want them to. Not only are the girls at London escorts discreet, but they are also stunningly gorgeous. No matter what you find attractive you can find her here. Blondes, brunettes, curvy, busty, petite, black, Asian, Brazilian or strippers, name your poison and London escorts will have it in spades

The best thing about having an affair with an escort is that not only is she discreet but it is easy to find her. A quick online search will throw up so many possibilities for a one night stand through to something a little more; you can perhaps see her once a week if that is what you want. London Escorts are happy and willing to meet you wherever is suitable for you, so she will understand if you always want to meet in a nearby hotel room. She will never ask questions nor will she ever want you to meet her friends or pressure you into leaving your wife to marry her. What she will be however is a kind ear to listen to how your day went, to massage the tension out of your shoulders after a hard day and to generally take your cares and worries away.

This is not only good for you, but it’s also good for your relationship with you wife. Instead of you coming home strung out and stressed, you can now come home and enjoy her company so much more. You may also find that by stimulating your libido with your London Escort Agency, you may find more time to make love to your wife in the process. Dating a London escort is great for married men and their wives. So why not take a peek at what’s on offer?

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