Thursday, 12 January 2012

Wooing the London Lass

Gentlemen, make no mistake, wooing the London Lass is a lot harder than texting her to ask her out and then only calling to hook up for the night three weeks later. London Escorts have high standards in regard to their career, interest and their interactions with the opposite sex. Picnic dates are fine, so are the movies, but dinner at a romantic, well known restaurant and a bunch of roses is even better. Being witty, charming and polite are also huge bonuses, however, if you need help to achieve dating bliss the best people to help guide you through the minefield that is dating is your humble, beautiful and classy London Escort.

First off, be yourself. When you arrange you date with an escort and right up to when you meet her at your designated meeting place, always be yourself. If you pretend to be a lot cooler than you actually are, or really suave, she will see through this immediately. And if you’re London Escort can see through the charade, then so can your average London lass.

Next, you have to make sure that you are comfortable in the setting you have chosen for the date. If for instance you have never eaten with chopsticks before, then perhaps a date at a sushi restaurant is not for you. Likewise if you happen to have a stomach that isn’t all that great on spicy food, don’t take her to a curry restaurant. If this leaves you stuck you can always ask for input from your date. London escorts are quite happy to help you arrange a date, and if you both choose a place together then it makes it easier to relax as you are both in an atmosphere that you both enjoy. It also means that you have something in common and that a bonus!

Once on your date you have to remember to use manners and treat her like a gentleman. Remember that she is a beautiful woman, and beautiful South London Escorts are accomplished and sophisticated, however this won’t stop men who date her acting like jerks or the opposite, so nervous that the whole thing falls flat. Try to fall between these two categories. Treat her with respect and manners. Pull her chair out for her and ask her if she is having a good time. Use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Just be a gentleman.

By following very few rules, and acting like a modern gentleman instead of an oaf, you will find that not only will the London escort be impressed, but so will the London lass.

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