Friday, 16 December 2011

Escorting a Girl in Style

When escorting a girl it is important to keep in mind a number of factors. Each girl is a unique individual, and as such, each outing should be planned according to her tastes and desires. Wooing a lady is an activity which requires a certain amount of forethought and you can bet that your attention to detail in these matters will see you reaping the rewards! Follow this guide to London Escort and see how you can go from clambering for a chance to climbing her stairs!

The first thing to know is what your girl likes. If you’re already acquainted with her this should be easy enough, but check with a mutual friend first on matters you maybe unsure on. If it’s your first time escorting a particular lady, don’t leave things to chance. You must provide options. Flowers are always a romantic and dashing touch, but she may suffer hay fever or be allergic. Check with a florist to see if they have any arrangements which won’t leave your date with red eyes and a running nose. You want to make her feel something when you’re together, but that something shouldn’t be pain and itchiness. With chocolates, it is important to consider that your date may be lactose or gluten intolerant. There are a wide range of delicious options available which avoid these ingredients, and a delicious selection of fudges should you be unable to procure chocolates of this nature.

If going to dinner, make sure you’ve selected a restaurant where there are vegetarian and vegan options available. Most restaurants provide a menu on their websites so you should be able to check this little detail easily enough. If you have a favourite restaurant, the temptation to use it for each date can be overwhelming, but when you Canary Wharf Escorts after girl to the same establishment it shows a lack of imagination and you can’t guarantee the wait staff won’t become confused and mention ‘the other one’ in front of your lovely lady. Save your regular haunts for the most special girls.

Think about what you know of this lady. If she has indicated an interest in art, take her to a fabulous museum or exhibit that’s been raved about. If she’s mentioned a love of sport, take her to a game (try to avoid cricket – it runs a little long for the early stages of dating). Above all, cater to her individuality. A woman wants to know that her escort thinks of her as special. And the more special she feels, the more likely she is to show you everything special about her!

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