Friday, 25 November 2011

Why Men Love Escorts

Escorts have been a staple of UK society since time immemorial (and when it comes to history, nobody remembers like the United Kingdom). So what’s the appeal? What innate quality is it that drives men to pay for the company of women? The words ‘man drought’ are heard the length and breadth of the UK, so it wouldn’t be foolish to assume that men have options when it comes to satisfying their needs for female company. Yet the escort business is booming. What keeps these men going back for more?

Eva has been an escort for 4 years, since she was 22. Eva claims that one of the reasons London Escorts are so popular with UK men is due to the simplicity of the relationships. ‘Men are tired of putting in the hard yards with a woman, only to discover that she’s on a different page. Marriage, babies – she’s talking about these things as early as a second date! And most men aren’t comfortable with that. They feel the pressure from their female acquaintances to be someone they’re not. Being with an escort offers an escape from that. An escort girl isn’t going to want to establish a deep and meaningful relationship with a client. We’re there to be a sounding board, maybe. Company, definitely. But nothing more than that. The parameters of our relationship are clear from the beginning and men appreciate that honesty’.   

UK escorts know their client base. Men who are overworked, overextended and over it. Escorts across the UK offer a chance to recharge the batteries of their clients, providing a little TLC without the fear of Too Little Commitment that seems to crop up in other forms of relationships. As Eva points out, ‘Being an escort is about being there to help the client out. Going to a wedding or a work function, for example. Escorts are often used for these events because they’re seen as quite serious events by the client and he doesn’t want to risk hurting a girl’s feelings by asking her along just because he needs a partner, when she may see it as a declaration of affection’.

It seems then, that the Stansted Escorts business is, simply put, simply irresistible. The clients benefit from the contact in a more relaxed way than traditional means of dating might offer. The booming of the escort industry proves that despite the man drought in bars across the UK, it is in fact raining men!

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