Thursday, 24 November 2011

Why an Escort Can Save Your Marriage

Ah, the humble escort girl. Much maligned by the media and the misguided ‘moral majority’. But could a Pretty Woman be the key to a successful marriage? In fact, the escort girl has been a staple of marriage as long as the institution has existed, taking her place beside the bride and the groom in the annuals of matrimonial history. But is she seen as on par with her wedded comtemporaries? She is not. In a tragic oversight, the role of the escort has been slandered and slated, while those imposed within marriage’s flimsy walls remain free of such farce.

The London Escort has long been the traditional handmaiden to matrimony. Historically, and still today in many societies, marriages have been arranged as an economic merger between individuals and families. While emotions play a part in this, is it certainly not fair to expect all women to be all things to all men. A woman would certainly not expect each and every one of her needs to be filled by a single man. This is why she has girlfriends, workmates, children and a bevy of beneficial associates to fulfil her in ways not confined to the domestic sphere. As women become more independent, more financially, socially and personally secure of their wealth, they take the time to focus on their own needs. Men, who for the most part are unused to this, consider escort girls to be an easy solution to the quandary of being cast aside in the wake of their wives revolution.

The French are well aware of the powerful part an escort can play in a victorious union. As put by Alexandre Dumas, "The chains of marriage are so heavy that it often takes two people to carry them, and sometimes three". Being married might be a social more, but there is no reason it should come at the expense of an escort’s traditional role. Being married can often become a burden – throwing into relief the reasons why it wasn’t a good idea, rather than letting those involved focus on why it was. The role of the Croxley Escorts has long been to provide relief, an outlet for companionship not met within the marriage. Women should see this as blessing. All the convenience of marriage, but less of the in-house work. By being realistic about the responsibilities and roles of married life, employing an escort could very well be the key to succeeding in the married state!

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