Friday, 11 November 2011

Restaurants in Romford

Romford is located in Greater London, just under 15 miles from the centre of the city. The town forms part of the borough of Essex and Havering and is a popular destination for many city dwellers looking to get away for a few days. Over the past 10 years, Romford has massively increased in population and now forms one of the biggest entertainment districts outside of central London. The area is also well known for being glamorous, and is home to many celebrities and Romford Escorts. Due to the large amount of bars, clubs and restaurants on offer, many Londoners like to come here to enjoy themselves over the weekend.

For travellers to Romford who like a kick to their food, Bombay Palace offers Indian cuisine in a plush environment. With a tasty menu including classic cuisine as well as delicacies from the south India, there is a great variety available. The restaurant also has a large traditional clay oven which is used to cook both chicken and a variety of fish dishes. There is also an interesting and tasty tandoori lamb chop dish which is great for meat lovers. Another chef’s special is lamb cooked in mint and honey, which is rumoured to be delicious. The restaurant also offers many bargain lunchtime specials for those looking for a tasty place to dine. If you are a hungry meat eater then another option is the Outback Steakhouse which centres it menu around its enormous meat platters. The relaxed Australian vibe makes it a perfect venue to unwind in, and many escorts in Romford choose to come here with their customers. The food is simple and fresh with bold flavours and plenty of protein! Those who don’t mine splashing out a bit of extra cash should try the juicy Victoria fillet - the best steak in the house at £19.99!

For those on a budget in Romford, Bonni’s Reggae Hut is a small family run joint which serves up authentic Caribbean food. There are over 25 dishes to choose from including jerk chicken, salt-fish and curried goat. The setting is laid back and funky, and often popular with men who have booked a Escort London. The pineapple punch is sweet and the perfect partner to the tasty food. Or another option for those who are really hungry, is the Pan Asian buffet which is available at Cosmo restaurant. For around £12 for dinner, guests can treat themselves from a wide range of foods from all over Asia, and head back to top up their plates as many times as they like. When visiting Cosmo it is often a good idea for diners to eat little during the day, to be able to make the most of the elaborate buffet on offer.

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