Friday, 11 November 2011

Popular Poland

The draw of jetting to a European destination can be difficult when there are so many destinations to chose from. You have to counter in cost, accommodation, flights, spending money; when all that is done, the question is, where do you go? You may want to head to somewhere warm and sunny, in which case you might chose Spain, Greece or perhaps even France. Perhaps you want a destination that is more suited to drinking and dancing all night through, in which case you’ll want to head to the clubbing capitals of Europe. You may want to experience culture and history of a place or you may just wanted to head to popular destinations like Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Budapest and Prague. However there are some places that seem to be instantly dismissed. Poland, for instance, offers an array of interesting places to visit. This large country of around 40 million inhabitants is not only captivating with a multitude of sights to see but is good value for money. There are plenty of cheap flights from all over the UK and increase of 402, 000 travellers to Poland every year.

Depending on what time of year you chose to go, you will get a alternative experience. Poland’s climate is particularly similar to England’s in most cases. Supposedly warm summers, cold winters, and moderate spring/autumn seasons. However, unlike England, snow is quite common in the winter time. With temperatures dropping to -5°C in some extreme, bitter moments of the winter, particularly in January. The summer weather can also reach a warming mid 20°C, although, like England, it can fluctuate. Winter is not a particular good time visit the country, unless you plan on taken part in some winter sports. Polish Escorts believe that this makes a great alternative to a visit to The Alps. Zakopane is a popular place for skiers, as although the mountains are not as high as in the Alpine region, the snow remains for longer in Poland - from November to around March time.

Poland is made up of beautiful and intriguing cities, all making popular and pleasing tourist destinations. Top cities to visit are the capital of Poland, Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk in the north. With a little exploring, visitors will be able to uncover all the beautiful parts of these cities, say London Escorts. Warsaw is the largest city in Poland, while you’re there visit the newly restored Old Town, which was unfortunately destroyed in World War 11. Steeped in history, there are plenty of lovely cafe’s and restaurants to relax in too. Keen on learning more about is significant place then take a trip to the Warsaw City Museum or for a more well rounded breakdown of Poland’s back-story you could go to the Polish National Museum. Krakow offers a similar experience to Warsaw, packed with culture and history galore. Although in Gdansk there are a few more sights to behold. Fine architecture, shopping experiences and plenty more. Polish escorts recommend that you make the short train ride from Gdansk to Sopot. A perfect place to visit in the summer time months as it is the location of Poland’s popular beach resort.

Poland’s tourism is ever-increasing and makes a great alternative destination to sitting on a sandy beach in Spain. Improvements in the country’s tourism infrastructure are bound to continue and visitors are bound to increase during the lead up to Euro 2012.

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