Saturday, 19 November 2011

Paddington More Than Just a Bear

Many people outside of London, automatically think of a brown bear in a blue duffle coat, when the word Paddington is mentioned. However there is a lot more associated with the area of Paddington, that Michael Bond’s lovable character. Paddington is a famous district within central London, located in the borough of Westminster. The famous Paddington Station, which was designed by 19th century engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, is easily accessible. Offering visitors a simple and stress free commute to other parts of the city, the large station also provides various journeys to locations beyond the city. You are certain to never get lost in the area, as with some of the best guides and Escorts in Paddington, new visitors are soon shown all the right places to head. The whole area of Paddington is currently undergoing a major project called Paddington Waterside, which plans to regenerate former railway and canal land. With billions of pounds being invested in the area, it appears that the trendy area is to become even more desirable.

If you are a fan of walking, then visit Paddington Conservation Area, located off Edgware Road. It is the oldest part of Paddington, and offers many scenic spots for a romantic walk. It is a great option for a long ramble through one of London’s top spots. Hyde Park is also close by and offers visitors a green and scenic place to walk. The park is absolutely massive, and has many amenities, including restaurants and cafes. On a Sunday, the park has a long tradition of displaying a wide selection of paintings in the northern area of the park, so it becomes a great place for art lovers. A healthy and different way to spend a day would be with a Paddington Escorts, enjoying a picnic and exploring the Hyde Park landscape.

If too much walking wears you out, then Paddington has many hotels to choose from. The Paddington Hotel is a good choice, with comfy rooms, and a beautiful stairwell that leads you up to your room. Or head to the well established Best Western, close to everything you need in London, the hotel has an amazing location. Complete with trendy bar, the Best Western is a great spot to spend a night. For a drinking haunt and hotel, Pride of Paddington is a busy place with a good selection of wines and ales. The pub also has a small selection of bargain rooms, if you’re looking for a budget place to spend a night. All in all, the area of Paddington escorts visitors into the heart of Escort Services London, offering many interesting places to visit.

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