Friday, 11 November 2011

More than Meets the Eye

The day I meet up with Lola* is dreary and cold and we wait in her local coffee shop waiting for her arrival. I have only seen her photos online, so I have no idea whether to expect her to look exactly like the pics or a little different. Lola finally arrives, rushes in and turns heads immediately. She is tall, brunette, with a great figure that is dressed in the latest fashions and dripping with gold chains, bracelets and rings. She is a stunning woman and I can’t help but be a little taken aback by her. She grasps my hand warmly, her eyes twinkling and she apologises for being late, making an excuse about traffic (which to be fair is terrible at this time) and the fact that she was out late meeting a client last night. She tells me work is very demanding at the moment, and she's been on many business trips over the last month, and is looking forward to getting a little time to herself. She has a holiday in Italy booked, where apparently she is renting a villa and will be wine tasting and just relaxing. Finishing a book she started reading over 4 months ago and just having a good time. Lola is an incredibly busy business woman, and she informs me that her business is going well at the moment, but can be demanding at times. Her staff is a great bunch of girls and the website has been bringing in huge amounts of work, so much so that she has had to hire three new girls to keep up with the demand. Incase you are wondering what Lola does for a job, she is an escort.

London Escorts services are at an all time high, with girls stretched to the limit trying to fulfil the needs of all the clients they currently have. Gone are the days of sleazy old men who are lonely and want to get their end off. These days’ clients are as surprising as the girls who service them. Lola has a business and marketing degree, and is well spoken, well travelled and comes from a good, middle class family. At first she started escorting out of curiosity but then soon realised that with her business acumen she would be able to make a lot of money doing something that she very much enjoys. 'To being with I had to deal with the moral issues of it all. But as I got further into the business I realised that the clients were all pretty much male versions of me. Hardworking, well educated men with great jobs, just very little time to find someone to enjoy their success with.' Lola's observation is correct. Although no full study has been done, it turns out that a quick chat with many Bushey Escorts in the city reveal that their clientele are all young successful businessmen with little time for dating.

Lola is one shining beacon of how well a business can be run, and how wrong people are when they think of an escort. Escort services in London are classy and run by women who want to give their clients the very best.

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