Friday, 18 November 2011

The Many Sides of Chelsea

The area of Chelsea in West London is well known for its lavish houses and upper class residents. The location is usually best for a day trip, unless visitors have lots of money to spend. The fashionable Kings Road is the place to head, with a variety of stylish shops, bars and restaurants to keep visitors entertained. There are also plenty of hotels located in Chelsea, however there are no real budget options due to the upmarket nature of the area. Some of the hotel options available include Myhotel, which has spacious doubles for around £200. Another option is the nearby Sloane Square hotel, which has rooms for around £170 which include DVD players and fantastic views over the nearby streets. Or for those who are on a budget and don’t mine staying slightly outside of Chelsea, the LA Reserve Hotel in nearby Fulham has double bedrooms for around £65. The hotels in the centre of Chelsea are rumoured to be favoured by the rich and beautiful, including many Chelsea Escorts.

Considering Chelsea's reputation for all things ‘posh’, it is quite surprising that In the 1960’s the area was actually famous for its swinging parties. Popular amongst punks, the area contained many sex shops and unashamedly embraced all things erotic. The famous boutique ‘SEX’ was opened by renowned fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, and sold an array of fetish and bondage gear. Leather and latex were the fashion, and the sixties saw Londoners embracing and enjoying their kinky side. In fact, the wild history of Chelsea is very in depth and interesting, and many Escorts in Chelsea have a great knowledge regarding this.

Chelsea has also recently been a hit in popular culture with the Channel 4 reality television show ‘Made in Chelsea’. Showcasing the lives of the young, wealthy and beautiful residents of Chelsea, the show has succeeded in further glamorising this decadent part of the city. Despite this side of Chelsea, some men automatically connect Chelsea with the world famous football club. The successful footballers are of course, not just famous for their skills on the pitch, but also to the string of beautiful women they are often linked to. Due to the reputation of the district, many gentlemen choose to book a London Escorts Cheap to accompany them whilst in the area. Many couples also choose to dine in Chelsea, or to treat themselves to an elaborate weekend away here, enjoying and experiencing the finer things in life.

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