Friday, 11 November 2011

Life as a High End Call Girl

As she strides into the cafe everyone turns to look at her before she settles at our meeting place. *Sasha orders a trim soy latte and then tells me ‘It’s for my figure. I’ve just come from an intense 2 hour cardio session at the gym, but hey, it’s got to be done to stay on top!’ Sasha is 28, although she readily admits that she has shaved off a couple of years in order to still be appealing, and rightfully so. Most of the top London Escorts are in their late 20’s, so it makes sense to tell a white lie about this, however judging by her you would never think she was as old as she actually is, which is assures me is in her 30’s. She is beautifully presented, even if she has come from the gym you would never tell. Relaxed and dressed in jeans, tight white top that shows off ample cleavage and black high heels, her hair in a messy, relaxed bun, you could be forgiven for thinking that she is a model. Sasha chose her career by accident really. She tells us ‘I was at University studying, and I really needed the extra cash. I answered an ad looking for women wanting to be dominatrix’s. There was no actual nookie in it, you just had to order the men around and whip them every now and then, it was fun. Then, I had a boyfriend that wanted to try a group experience, and I found that I loved it. For me escorting isn’t just about making men happy, its about satisfying my own needs and also having new experiences with new people.”

Sasha happily admits that this is an odd career choice, but she says it is one that rounds out her life. “I love it. I love the girls I work with and the clients. I love helping men who had previously not even been able to speak to a woman then get a girlfriend. I help give them confidence or listen to how their day goes. I like to think of myself as a counsellor but one that is really hands on!”

In order to get into the business Sasha first read up everything she could find about escorting. She then made contact with a few agencies to chat to them and even managed to track down a few of the girls to talk to and then they became great friends. Sahsa is now in the midst of opening up her own escort agency, and is looking forward to what the future has on offer “I love this industry. I know I wont be in it forever, but at the moment I make great money, I’ve invested a lot, and I want to help more girls get into escorting in a safe, friendly environment. I want to live life to the full and have many more great Luton Escorts

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