Friday, 11 November 2011

Heading to Harrods

Knightsbridge forms an exclusive and upmarket area situated slightly west of central London. Famed for its fortune, Knightsbridge is distinctly upmarket and contains many designer shops and boutiques. With some of the most expensive dwellings in the city, the district has beautiful residential streets with houses owned by the rich and famous. It is not surprising then, that this part of London is often the number one choice for clients who have booked Knightsbridge Escorts. The area is also famous for one particular department store owned by multi-millionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed. Many visitors believe that no trip to Knightsbridge is complete without a visit to the Harrods flagship store.

Famous for its celebrity clientele, such as the fashion conscious Victoria Beckham, the shop is adorned with the very best designer clothes and products. The store is therefore ideal for some celebrity spotting, and for those who enjoy the finer things in life. London business men often like to visit Harrods with an escort in Knightsbridge, for an enjoyable spot of window shopping. Harrods is very careful about the kind of clientele that it allows in, so those who are planning a trip should dress to impress. When the store is really busy, there is also limited access, but those travelling alone or in a couple should not have a problem.

For those who enjoy fine cuisine, Harrods offers a variety of foods from across the world - employing only established chefs. The French Laundry Restaurant on the fourth four, is a popular choice for couples wanting to enjoy a romantic meal. Many city gentlemen choose to head here with a UK Escorts, due to the discreet and classy setting. However, due to the restaurants reputation, bookings often have to be made well in advance as it is an extremely popular eatery. The food does not come cheap, with a £250 charge per person, not including drinks or supplements. However, guests will enjoy meals created especially by top chef Thomas Keller - and one famous fan of his food includes French president Nicolas Sarkozy. If you are not a fan of French cuisine, then you could always try Harrods Georgian Restaurant which serves traditional English food, and is also located on the fourth floor. With more affordable prices than French Laundry, the restaurant is often the number one choice for shoppers. The menu includes delicious dishes such as Dorset crab or juicy lamb cutlets.

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