Friday, 18 November 2011

Euston Station and Beyond

The area of Euston is a major tourist hub for visitors to London, as it has both a busy railway station and tube line. With many connecting trains from all over England, the area is a hot spot for travellers into the city. The station therefore has many facilities available for visitors, including many shops and restaurants. The railway station is actually an ideal place to find out local information, as their is a large booth which provides tourist services. Located in the heart of central London, the area around the station is also the perfect place for city visitors looking to engage in the London’s thriving atmosphere. Some solo travellers choose to book one of the many Euston Escorts available, to greet them at the station after a long journey. This is often a good way to be introduced to the area - through the company of an experienced local.

A nearby attraction is the grand British Library, which is situated on Euston Road. With over 12 million books and many interesting historical transcripts, the library is a must see for book lovers. The library also contains the famous ‘Magna Carta’ as well as a large collection of the rarest stamps in the world. Some men choose to visit the library accompanied by a Euston Escort, as it is both quiet and discreet. One of the benefits of visiting the informative British Library, is that it is free to enter. For those who are interested by the many guided tours on offer, there is a small fee - although the tours are very informative.

Many travellers arrive in Euston after a long and exhausting travel. In these cases, people often choose to book themselves into one of the many hotels that the area has to offer. The Thistle Hotel, located in Cardington Street is a popular choice for travellers, as it offers comfy and luxurious rooms at around £100. The hotel also has lots of advice for visitors who want to find out about the nearby tourist attractions. Some business men who are visiting the area alone, choose to book an Best Escorts in Euston, as they know of the best places in the area for entertainment. Another popular hotel in the area, is The Premier Inn, located in Dukes Road, around ten minutes walk from the station. With comfy and inexpensive rooms, the famous chain of hotels is a safe bet for those looking to bed down for a night in Euston.

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