Friday, 18 November 2011

Enchanting Romania

Romania is famous for its beautiful countryside, with rolling hills and mountains forming the backdrop to everyday life. With a rise in low cost airlines offering flights from London to Bucharest, many people are grabbing the opportunity to visit this interesting country. A return flight can be found for as little as £70 depending on the time of year, and Romania’s capital is relatively cheap compared to Central London prices. Unsurprisingly, many natives who live in London, including Romanian Escorts, travel to and from Romania with relative ease. Flights only take around an hour and a half, and can be arrange easily at short notice.

The capital Bucharest is where most travellers begin, and is a mixture of both the old and the new, with 21st century architecture combined with remains of medieval courts and churches. Bucharest residents are mostly all theatre lovers who enjoy local shows, always kept in their original language. Many Romanian escorts in London originate from Bucharest and are passionate about the theatre. Bucharest also has many large parks which are popular places for families enjoying days out, or picnics when the sun is shining, The city is also home to a large variety of museums, many of which document traditional village life. The capital city has plenty of accommodation options at varying prices, for those looking to stay for a night or more. Le Boutique Hotel Moxa has great reviews and is situated in a central location. The grand building of the hotel holds individually decorated modern bedrooms which cost around £70. For those on a budget, Butterfly Villa Hostel has private rooms for £11 with shared bathrooms.

Many visitors to Romania feel obliged to visit the legendary Transylvania, the birth place of Dracula. The town of Sighisoara is a mystical place with cobbled streets and small colourful cottages set amidst lush green forest. The town has many museums which will be of interest to tourists wanting to find out a bit more of the area’s long past. Impressive churches with tall towering spires line the hills, and make for an interesting and scenic ramble. Traditional hotels in Sighisoara offer comfortable rooms, often with amazing views across the town. For accommodation, Casa Wagner House is on the main square of the citadel and comes with antique Saxon furniture. Prices start at a reasonable £40 for a double room including breakfast, and some Londoners choose to visit accompanied by a London Escorts. The hotel is also popular amongst families and couples sightseeing in the area. 

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